Sundown AI Enhances Capabilities with Zoho Integration

Chloe provides companies with the ability to automate their tasks directly through Zoho

Here are a few ways companies can benefit from using Chloe with Zoho:
  • Automate customer questions related to your specific products/services via Zoho
  • Chloe automatically learns how to answer tickets based on closed tickets using a policy graph and machine learning
  • She can take actions to close out tickets
  • Chloe drafts allow other team members to collaborate on customer replies
  • Chloe extracts relevant information from tickets and adds it to Zoho

Every interaction that Chloe has with customers is tracked through Chloe’s Dashboard. This includes details on policy matches, percentage of auto replies, ticket logs, tasks automated and top performing policies.

As new tasks are received, she’s able to understand the context accordingly and initiate the proper action