Self Service AI

Chloe simulates agents to answer customer requests

AI layer to automate repetitive tasks and reduce costs

Chloe provides automated self service for different channels or can be used to assist agents via suggested replies.  She understands sentiment and intent from users, provides contextual and personalized responses, and triggers actions  on the customer’s behalf.

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Work Assignment AI

Chloe routes customers to the best agents

Provides real time customer routing to specific agents based on historical data, customer profiles, and agent attributes

Chloe’s Work Assignment AI is a machine learning recommender system driven by data analysis that improves the customer experience by choosing the agent that would best answer a specific customer’s request.  Chloe has the ability to learn and the accuracy of the routing and customer experience will continually improve over time.

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Agent Training AI

Chloe simulates customers to train agents

Designed to train employees and monitor their performance in real time to identify and improve customer service deficiencies and help businesses grow

Our AI simulates your customers

Frustrated customer with order
Angry customer asking about refund
Aggressive customer asking about service

Our AI trains your agents

Our AI provides feedback

  • Improve customer service deficiencies
  • Decrease agent training time
  • Increase sales and agent performance
  • Improve the relationship with your customers
  • Load test based on real conversations

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Data Sync AI

Chloe syncs data from one business suite to another

Designed to receive, validate, extract, autofill or input documents (pdf, invoices, purchase orders) from one source and import them into another system

For example, work orders coming in to service channel via email are uploaded and synced to Salesforce

Chloe’s AI uses machine learning and analytic tools to classify and process specific document types to capture relevant information and enter into a separate system. The documents are captured through different channels and a process flow is designed to enable automatic routing for specific destinations.

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Rating AI

Chloe rates your performance

Uses previous customer experiences and ratings to perform agent reviews and fill out surveys

Chloe’s Assessment AI is a multi output classifier that’s been trained on previously rated customer chats. She uses these trained algorithms to provide feedback on behalf of the customer based on the assistance provided by agents.

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Real Time Speech AI

Chloe suggests answers during voice calls


Chloe’s Real Time Speech intercepts live calls and provides the next best action to agents