Sundown AI Enhances Capabilities with Shopify Integration

Enhance mCommerce and increase conversion rates

Chloe, is an Artificial Intelligence app, that enhances mobile commerce to increase sales for your store via voice or text commands. She’s like Alexa for businesses.

With Chloe mobile, your customers can use their phones to get immediate assistance for their inquiries or requests. Just as you send a voice message via Whatsapp, or a regular text message through your phone, Chloe would receive your customer’s request and reply.

Here are a few items Chloe can assist you with:

Visitor access to your products/services while on the go Answer questions in natural language about specific products/services such as “Where can i find your latest collections?” Provide website navigation and voice commands to purchase products Place an order via voice without clicking on a bunch of buttons on small mobile screen Voice and text commands to check account/order status Answering frequently asked questions One step command for checkout with Apple and Android pay.

In addition, companies can use our Chloe web or voice versions. Our Chloe web version provides the best customer service by predicting appropriate answers (that would otherwise require research) and suggesting replies to employees.

Chloe automatically identifies policies and actions to guide her behavior from the initial training set and has the ability to learn from new experiences that will enable her to become smarter over time. We invite you to take a look at our Chloe mobile demo video and we welcome you to try our free trial. Please note that some training is required in order to enable full functionality of Chloe mobile.

To integrate Chloe to your Shopify Store