Privacy Policy

General Statement

Sundown AI holds the privacy and security of our site visitors and members as one of its highest priorities. This Privacy Policy clearly explains what information is gathered and what happens with that information.

You can contact us by email: if any of these privacy policies have been broken.

What Information is collected?

  For the Member Portions of the Site-

We require that you provide some information for the Member Portions of our site. Sundown AI reserves the right to request any additional information necessary to establish and maintain your account for use of the Member Services. We will know who the Members are because they have signed up.

Member Cookies- If your browser supports cookies, we will put some membership information on your hard drive as a cookie in order to allow you to login easier, etc. This information will also be used to find out how many times a member comes to the site and what pages they use most frequently.

The Email Information

If you provide us with your email as a Member, we use this information for three purposes; 1.) Sending Newsletters 2.) Sending you replies for any contact that you have made to us, and 3.) Sending you information about new updates or features with Sundown AI. We do not sell, rent, or loan our email listings to outside companies.

How do I Unsubscribe/Cancel?

If you want to Unsubscribe or get rid of emails being sent to you, click on Unsubscribe

Registration Data Usage

All submitted information is treated as confidential by Sundown AI staff, affiliates, and advisors. We never show the detailed Registration Information gathered in the application process to anyone outside the Sundown AI team. Sundown AI reserves the right, and you specifically grant the right, for us to refuse, delete, edit, and modify any submitted information.


The Registration Portion of the website is password protected. Those parties submitting information to Sundown AI that have a security concern sending certain information over the Internet should use phone as an alternate method.

User Access to Information Collected

In order for a user to change or modify its password it needs to be done directly from the login page or by sending an email to .

Lost or Stolen Information

If you lose your password, you may re-acquire it from the page. If your password is stolen or used without your permission, immediately notify Sundown AI. Upon notification Sundown AI will cancel your password and update its records. You may be unable to access certain services while Sundown AI processes the password change.

Use of Aggregated Information

Sundown AI reserves the right to disclose to third parties information about subscriber usage of Sundown AI Web site and any related services, including information gathered during your use of the Site. Any information disclosed will be in the form of aggregated data (such as overall patterns or demographic reports) that does not describe or identify any individual user.


Sundown AI reserves the right to change or update this Privacy Policy, or any other Sundown AI policy or practice, at any time with reasonable notice to users of the Site. Any changes or updates will be effective immediately upon posting to the Site.

Third Party Cookies

We may use advertising networks to help present advertisements on our sites. These advertising networks use cookies to help present, better target, and measure the effectiveness of their advertisements, using data gathered over time and across their networks to determine the characteristics and preferences of their audience.