How to integrate Chloe with Zoho SalesIQ

To get started with Chloe’s 30 day free trial with Zoho SalesIQ, proceed with the following steps to complete the integration:

Login to Zoho SalesIQ and click on the “Integrations” tab. Type in “Sundown” in search bar and you will notice it as an available application for integration.
Click on it. (Integrations –> Sundown)

Scroll down and click on “Enable Sundown Integration”

Click on the “Edit” tab under Bot to customize settings such as Bot name, role in firm and departments

How do I train Chloe: Chloe is trained on previous chat transcripts. To complete this, click on “Let Chloe train with previous chats” button.

It will route you to to create your account.

Note that the email used for Chloe account must be the same as the email used for SalesIQ. You will also need to verify your Chloe account, expect to receive an email to complete this. If the email is not received within 5 minutes of creating the account, check spam.

Once logged into your Chloe account, Zoho will request access to chat history and transcripts. Click on “Accept

You will receive 2 emails during the integration. One at the beginning and one towards the end. Once the integration is completed you will need to train Chloe.
Training on variables and intents are required. For sentiment it would be optional. You can review instructions through the following link:

How to add Chloe to your Website

How to enable Chloe on Website: Click on ‘Websites” and add the Website Name

Click on “Live Chat Widget

Click on Chat Window –> Configurations

Within Configurations, scroll down and click on “Show More”. Select the option titled “Allow your bot to engage with visitors” and click on update.

Note that if Chloe training hasn’t been completed, it will not allow you to enable the bot.