Sundown AI Enhances Capabilities with Gmail Integration

Chloe gives employees suggested replies to client questions.

Chloe provides the best customer service by predicting appropriate answers and suggesting replies to employees that would otherwise require research.

Chloe is an Artificial Intelligence application that automates customer service. She understands the context of client questions and responds accordingly to reduce ticket volume and increase employee productivity. The best part is that Chloe automatically learns and evolves from each new interaction and improves with time.

  • Automate routine question answering related to your specific products/services via Gmail
  • Chloe automatically learns how to answer tickets based on closed tickets using a policy graph and machine learning
  • She can take actions to close out cases
  • Chloe drafts allow other team members to collaborate on customer replies
  • Chloe works with web chat, sms, email and social media campaigns and handles multiple tickets at once
  • She understands complex requests with multiple questions using Natural Language Processing