Sundown AI Integration with Cisco

Chloe is an Artificial Intelligence application that automates customer service and sales via existing business suites to help companies grow. Chloe provides companies with business solutions to reduce costs, boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Sundown AI has joined the Cisco® Solution Partner Program as a Solution Partner. As a member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program, Sundown AI is able to quickly deploy Chloe to enhance the capabilities, performance and management of the Cisco Network.

CISCO Context Service

Cloud-based omnichannel solution for the contact center

Context Service is a cloud-based storage for customer journey data to deliver an omnichannel customer service experience. It is available as an out-of-the-box feature of CCE and CCX and provides an API for third party integration

Key Functionality

  • Context Service provides a very flexible data store for storing customer interaction data. Businesses can define what customer interaction data they want to store and how to store it.
  • Cisco’s contact center products, such as Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Packaged Contact Center Enterprise, Unified Contact Center Express, and Hosted Collaboration Solution-Contact Center, come with an out of the box integration with Context Service. Context Service comes with an API that integrates with front end, back end, retail, or IoT applications to capture a complete view of customer journey.
  • Context Service is compatible with both on-premises and cloud contact center deployments. The service provides a complete solution, not just APIs.
  • Context service is hosted and managed by Cisco, eliminating the need for businesses to deploy and manage additional servers.
  • Context service is channel-agnostic, which allows it to store interaction data from multiple customer care channels such as voice (including IVR), chat, and e-mail. Additionally, you can store interaction data from emerging channels such as the Internet of Things.
  • Context service tags interaction data that can then be correlated into customer “journeys”. These journeys enable businesses to understand the history and context of their customer engagements.
  • The business owns their data, even though it sits in cloud, and they own and generate the encryption keys. Neither Cisco not the partners can access these keys, unless the business permits it.

What Are the Business Benefits?

  • The service provides history/context information of previous interactions to customer service agents, allowing them to better understand the customer’s journey up to that point and provide better service.
  • The context/history provided by the service transforms traditional, isolated multichannel interactions from separate channels such as voice, chat, and e-mail into seamless “omnichannel” journeys that help businesses better understand and respond to the needs of their customers.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Cisco’s Contact Center portfolio adds value to existing investment.
  • Open interface allows integration of new customer care channels as well as other business applications, Cisco or 3rd party, to capture a complete view of the customer journey.