Sundown AI innovates to Build Next Generation Artificial Intelligence

Sundown AI is on a mission to provide next generation AI technology that enhances the customer experience and as a DevConnect Technology Partner, will be working to provide Avaya customers with enhancements to its communication software.

Through the journey of fulfilling client demands and shifting their experiences away from conventional methods,  Sundown AI will be working to provide a real live simulation of an advanced AI that allows users to interact with full communication enablement.  This technology will deliver an AI experience in contact centers through the prediction of customer preferences and resolutions to problems that are typically handled by live agents, allowing companies to become more productive.

In addition, Sundown’s sophisticated AI Technology, affectionately named Chloe, will provide automation and analysis of customer interactions via Avaya’s Oceana™ next-gen multi-touch, context-driven customer engagement solution by delivering efficient self-service and agent-based customer care in real time.